Gospel Essence

When you know that your true nature is formless, you will realize that this formlessness is infinite because it permeates all things and existence. Thus, this formlessness is eternal because it has no beginning or end. It is the unseen “Spirit of God” and it existed before all material things. It is not emptiness but an infinite power, which gave rise to all material and finite things. If you can grasp this completely, you shall not die. It is that simple. You shall possess eternal life because you will never lose your consciousness, which is the formless Infinite. This is where you came from and where you are going and, for those who understand, is where you are.

This, my friend, is the truth that will enable one to enter into eternity, which is hidden in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And this Truth is similar to the core teachings of other ancient religions. What is the correct name for this formless Infinite? There can be no name because it defies description, so one may use any term to describe it.

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